Trail class and your Model horse

Trail Class gives you the opportunity to show off your imagination to lay out a course and ability to construct obstacles.

If you're clever almost any horse can be used - a standing horse can be used at a gate, an English horse for Hunt Seat trail,  a turning horse inside a square of poles and walking and trotting horses can do almost anything.

What is Trail Class?

Horses are ridden over obstacles that may be found on the trail to demonstrate their training. The horse is judged.

What kind of obstacles are used?

There are a few mandatory obstacles.

  • One, the rider must open a gate from horseback correctly, ride through, and then close the gate, without getting off the horse.

  • Two, they must ride over at least four logs. The logs may be placed in a line, a curved line, or a zigzag.

  • The third mandatory obstacle is the Wooden Bridge. The bridge does not have a railing.
    Horses don't jog or lope over the bridge.

Other obstacles include:

Putting on and removing a raincoat.

Backing through an L-shape made of wooden poles on the ground.

Ground-tying. Other than ground-tying the rider may not dismount.

Removing and replacing letters from a mailbox from horseback.

A 360-degree inside a square made of ground poles. The horse may not step outside the square when turning.

Back through and around at least three markers.

Walk through a wooden box full of water. A tarp can also be used. No metal water boxes are allowed.

No obstacles using the following are allowed:

PVC Pipe (Too light and can be brittle if stepped on.)
Dismounting (Except for ground-tying in some shows)
Moving Bridges
Water Box with floating or moving parts
Flames, Dry Ice, Fire Extinguisher, etc.
Logs or poles elevated in a way that lets them roll

Trail Class Hints

What should the model horse be doing?

The horse may be standing, walking, jogging, backing, or loping.
Excessive speed will be penalized (save Smarty Jones for another class). So will kicking, rearing, bucking and striking.

The horse's head should be carried horizontally. The horse should be on the correct lead.

A horse should not look like he is about to kick a rail or bump his head.

What should my rider be doing?
The rider may not use two hands on the reins or hold on to the saddle.
She should sit upright, looking ahead or at the obstacle ( like a gate), with her heels down.
The rider should wear western clothes- a long-sleeved western shirt with a collar, a cowboy hat or helmet, cowboy boots, and jeans or slacks.

What should the horse wear?

A western saddle and bridle. The saddle can be a regular working saddle. The bridle should have a curb bit.

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