Traditional Breyer horses
Is Bigger Better?

 At 7 1/2 inches at the withers (1:9 scale), Traditional Breyer horses can eat up your display space fast!

But you gain :

  • usually a better paint job with details that may include striped hooves,  colored eyes, and highlighted muscles.
  • More detailed than Classic Breyer horses.
  • uncustomized Breyer riders are actually to scale
  • Breyer sells more tack for this size
  • some are portraits of real horses
  • less common breeds tend to be Traditional Breyer size

Current Models for English Riding

Irish Draught- This big chestnut is on the Cleveland Bay/Trooper mold. He is good for dressage, English pleasure, equitation, vaulting and driving.

Connemara Pony- The Connemara Pony from Breyer's  Best of British line is the same as Ballou. Unfortunately he doesn't have a new stand, so if you want to show him in showjumping, cross country, or Hunter over Fences, you might need to buy a new stand.

Shetland Pony-  he is standing, good for driving, gymkhana, and children's equitation. The pony is a chestnut pinto, which is an acceptable color for the breed.

Welsh Cob- Breyer's Welsh cob is good for driving and that's about all, because of his windblown mane. But he would make a very good driving pony.

Highland Pony- This pony has its nose well in front of the vertical, but it could be used in gymkhana or driving. It is creamy dun, according to Breyer.

Smokin Doubledutch - (same mold as the cantering Welsh pony), Chestnut pinto mare, she is cantering with a correct low headset. Suitable for jumping, equitation, pleasure, driving, gymkhana, and vaulting.

Weathermont Ethan - in real life he does dressage,  jumping, Saddleseat, and driving.  But, this model's standing pose and big mane means he'll be harder to make tack for and not useful in photo shows because he's not doing anything.

Snowman - in real life he was a show jumper with a light gray coat. The model appears to have a great paint job and his sculpting would be easy to make tack for but he is just standing so he might be good for a English Pleasure, driving, or Equitation line-up.

Totilas - he's doing an extended trot. Great for Dressage but nothing else. Still he's a favorite with customizers and looks great repainted.

GG Valentine - walking Bay mare, suitable for equitation, pleasure and driving although she carries her head a bit too far out. Tackmakers mention her forelock is hard to work with.

current western horses

Chocolate Chip Kisses- this bay Paint is on the same mold as Guy  McLean's Nugget. Good for Trail Class, Extreme Cowboy Race, cattle sorting, and ranch chores.

Don't Look Twice-  This chestnut Quarter Horse mare can do reining, cutting, and reined cowhorse events. She is cantering.

Li'l Ricky Rocker- same mold as Zippo Pine Bar.  Ricky is a jogging leopard Appaloosa.  He is perfect for Western Pleasure, Western Equitation, and costume class.

Big Chex To Cash- He is a dappled palomino Quarter horse with one blue eye and a brand on the left side of his hindquarters. He is walking.

Secretariat- Secretariat is galloping, so he can do speed events like racing, calf roping, pole bending, bulldogging, barrel racing, and mounted shooting. He comes attached to a stand.

Other Current Traditional
Breyer horses

Jubilation- a  very nicely shaded walking bay pinto mule. Good for trail class, packing, trail riding, driving, ranch sorting,  and everyday ranch work. Mules are rare in the Traditonal Breyer line, so grab him if you love mules. He is a limited edition for 2015.

Watch my review about Jubilation here.

Breyer Traditional mule Jubilation

Foiled Again- Breyer's new bay Standardbred pacer is only good for harness racing. I wish he didn't have a halter molded on, Standardbreds don't race in halters.

RCH Ventarrones- a  bay Peruvian Horse stallion.

Magic and Hamlet- set of two Miniature horses- one is black and one is chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. Suitable for Mini jumping or halter class.

SBH Phoenix-  A  walking bay pinto Clydesdale stallion.

RCMP Musical Ride Horse- This model is black with a maple leaf quarter mark on his hindquarters. He is the same mold as Big Ben. He is walking.

Brabant Mare- this trotting draft horse mare is a lot bigger in real life than in photos. She is bay roan. I thought  she looked kind of pearlized in real life.

Gypsy Vanner- buy this bay pinto stallion as a pasture ornament only, he won't be going in any performance classes in a pose like that! The horse is pretty and has a nice paint job, but he is in a frolicking pose with his mane and tail flying in the wind. And try getting a bridle on with his thick forelock!

Marwari- this palomino will be perfect for costume class. The model has a nice paint job and its ears are even  curved in.

Retired Breyer traditionals

Sshameless ++ - Sshameless is a light grey Arabian. He can enter costume class or Arabic scenes, but his pose is not suitable for other classes.

Indian Pony- this Appaloosa pony is a standing model, not Breyer's popular Indian Pony mold (which is walking). The paint job, a pretty dappled buckskin Appaloosa, looks more realistic than some of Breyer's other Appies. However, all of the models have feathers in their manes, and 1 in 6 models have painted symbols on their face and body, so they will only be good for Native American scenes or costume class.

Trooper - this horse may weigh a ton, and cost a lot of money but I think he's a really great horse. And he's my favorite model.

Looks much better in real life, you can see his coat is brown and his face isn't as long as it looks in photos.

Suitable for dressage, English pleasure, equitation, vaulting and driving.

Breyer Trooper, on of my favorite horses.

Trooper is a very large Traditional Breyer horse and will need his own custom sized tack.

Hickstead - Bay Warmblood Jumper, but his model is just standing.

Harley D Zip- This bay gelding is cantering. He can do reining, reined cowhorse, and penning.

Missouri Foxtrotter - Palomino with a braid in his mane and forelock. The mane braids mean this model is good for breed class (judged on conformation) or costume class.

Ballou - Chestnut gelding in a jumping pose. If you want to show him, you'll need to buy or make another stand because the one Breyer provides is too large and shaped like a wedge.

Northern Dancer - Bay Racehorse in a walking pose. Good for post parade, English pleasure or trail ride. Same mold as Seabiscuit.

Guy McLean's Nugget-  Nugget is a walking dun horse with zebra stripes on his legs. Good for Trail class, cattle sorting, and ranch chores.

Breyer Overo Paint Mare

Overo Paint Mare- This mare is a Traditional Breyer Lady Phase mold. Her bay coat is well painted and she has zebra stripes on her legs. She is suitable for showmanship, halter, western pleasure lineups,  ranch sorting, and everyday ranch work. She comes with a foal.

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