Supplies for making tack

Here is a list of supplies I use for making tack. Not all of the supplies are required.

You can find some around the house, like tweezers or foil.


X-Acto Blade - for skiving lace, and cutting slits.

Tweezers - for moving and clamping small objects. They are useless with magnets because the magnets would rather stick to the metal tweezers than to whatever you're trying to glue them to.

Needle-nosed pliers - for opening jumprings.

Embroidery Needle- for making small holes in lace, like on girths or bridles.

Wire clippers - use these for cutting wire to make your own buckles.

Fabric Scissors- for cutting leather. They work better than normal scissors. DON'T cut paper with fabric scissors or they will get dull.

Clamps- for holding pieces together while the glue dries.

Needle Files or sandpaper- For filing rough spots on metal hardware or saddle trees.

Rotary Leather Punch-punches larger holes in leather.

Pounce Wheel- this tool makes small marks on leather that look like stitching.


Tacky Glue - gluing leather to leather, paper, saddle trees, and fabric.

Super Glue - for gluing leather to metal, reflective tape, magnets, bells, etc.

Leather Lace- lace is used in almost every project. It is much easier than cutting strips of leather and looks better too. Leather lace does need to be skived, though. It is too thick to use if you don't.

Ribbon- ribbon can be used when making halters. Buy thinner ribbon and you can make foal halters.

Jumprings- you need jumprings to make halters (except rope halters), breastcollars, and breastplates. I generally use at least one ring in every project. Large jumprings can be used to make buckles for cinches, or other pieces of tack that need big buckles. Rings made from thicker wire can pass as O-ring snaffle bits.

Chain- fine silver chain can be used when making leads or Arabian show halters

Wire- I use wire to make large buckles, buckle tongues, vaulting surcingle grips, and pieces on harnesses.

Embroidery Floss- you can make string cinches with embroidery floss.

Silver or gold foil- for making silver plates, conchos, and decorations on parade saddles. You can use the metal seal from a jar of peanut butter.

Etched Buckles - Buying a buckle is easier than making one from wire. Small buckles can be hard to work with though. Rio Rondo sells these.

Magnets- I use tiny, round magnets for holding boots closed. They are fun to play with, but they generally want to stick to each other and not your project.

Hook-and-loop tape- you can use this to hold boots closed instead of magnets.

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