Show Jumping

In show jumping, the horse and rider jump a course in an arena. The one with the fewest faults ( like knocking down jumps, refusing to jump, going past jumps) wins.

What do the jumps look like?

  • the common three rail fence
  • a three rail fence with decorative standards such as advertisements, butterfly wings, horse heads, dragons, horseshoes, sailboats and more
  • stone or brick wall with variations such as a flowering hedge, a short building, hay bales, animals carved from logs
  • chicken coops
  • water jumps
  • brush jumps

The jumps have a red flag on the right side and a white flag on the left to help the rider remember which side to approach from.

Jumps may have filler under the rails. You could have traditional things like planter boxes or bushes. Or add novelty items like wooden ducks or watermelon slices. You can watch my video explaining how to make a jump for Breyer Stablemates or Schleich horses here.

Show Jumping - Can't forget the horse and rider

What model can do Show Jumping?

Your model can either be approaching a jump or jumping. Popular models include Breyer Cedric the cantering warmblood, Breyer Commander Riker the cantering chestnut sporthorse, and Breyer Ballou, a jumping pony.
Show jumpers often have braided manes and tails.

What tack do I need for my horse?

A jumping or All-purpose English saddle, a snaffle bridle with a cavesson noseband and a quilted white saddle blanket.

Earnets, leg wraps, breastplates, running martingales and bell boots are optional.

What does the rider wear?

Show jumpers wear hunt coats, helmets, tall riding boots or jodhpur boots, buff, khaki, white, canary, grey, or rust ( Rust breeches went out of style for a reason) breeches, a tie or choker, blunt spurs (optional) and gloves ( also optional).

In International and national competitions, men usually wear red jackets (except if you're from Eire, then you can wear green). Women usually wear a black jacket.

What should the rider be doing?

The rider leans over the horse's withers in a two-point position while it jumps. In the two point position, the rider's pelvis should be forwards so she is above the saddle, with her hands in front of the withers (but not touching the horse).
The rider's feet in the stirrups are the two points of contact.

The stirrups should be higher than for riding.

She should be looking up and forward. Her hands should be low. She should be centered on the horse's back and not looking over his shoulder.

What should the horse be doing?

The horse should be coming straight at the jump, not at a diagonal. He should be jumping at the center of the obstacle.

How tall should the jumps be?

 1:6 scale horses like Johny West  = 7 to 8 inches

1:9 scale horses like Breyer Traditional  = 4.6 to 5.3 inches

1:12 scale horses like Breyer Classic = 3.5 to 4 inches

1:24 scale horses,  Schleich and Safari Ltd = 1.75 to 2 inches

1:32 scale horses like Breyer Stablemates =  1.3 to 1.5 inches

What other classes can my horse enter?

If you've made obstacles and English tack you can also enter Hunter Over Fences. But stick to shorter fences. The riders clothing is the same.

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