Schleich horses
And 1:24 scale Horses

Schleich horses are a very good value. Most are nicely sculpted, have detail paint and stand up by themselves.

Don't laugh about the ability to stand - many economy horses can't. Below is a list of models suitable for performance classes.

Schleich pony, vet and handler

Plus, Schleich sells lots of  other farm animals to go with your horses, like pigs, goats, cattle, cats and dogs.

Schleich Cow, donkey, pony and goat

Schleich Horses

Pinto Stallion

He is trotting, and has vertically striped hooves, shoes with nail holes, and blue eyes. Try to buy a model with darker colored eyes.

Schleich Missouri Foxtrotter and handler

Schleich Appaloosa

Appaloosa Stallion

This cantering model is useful in Western events. He even has vertically striped hooves like real Appies and a nice looking head.

Look for a model that does not have a distinct line between his bay coat and his white blanket.

He is a current model.

Quarter Horse Stallion

This roan stallion is retired. He is trotting and wearing horse shoes. He is suitable for working Western events like team penning.

Schleich Quarter Horse

Schliech Shetland pony

Retired Shetland Pony Mare

This trotting pinto mare is great for a child's Equitation or gymkhana class.

Halflinger Mare

This  palomino mare is walking. She could be used for driving or a gymkhana. This model is retired.

Schleich Halflinger mare

Schleich Jenny Burro

Schleich Jenny Burro

This retired model is very donkey-like. She has little hooves, a dorsal stripe and a cross on her withers. She is good for packing or other Western scenes.

Schleich sells a different donkey now. They still sell the donkey foal in the picture.

Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion

Comes in two colors- chestnut and buckskin. The chestnut horse is retired. Unfortunately, buckskin is not an approved color for the Tennessee Walker.

Schliech Tennesee Walking Horse Stalion

Dartmoor Pony Stallion

This pony is perfect for gymkhana or driving. He has very nice pony conformation.

Safari Horses

Safari Ltd. sells realistic models of lots of animals, including horses, that are about the same size as Schleichs.  There are fewer choices of breeds, but Safari doesn't retire their models as fast as Schleich, so you can still buy most of the horses listed here.

Safari horses are conformationally correct and less than 10 dollars.

Arabian Mare

 There are two variations. One is a chestnut mare who can go in the Halter class. The other is grey and comes with a supposedly removable yellow wreath to go around her neck (I couldn't get mine off). Both have very good Arab conformation.

Safari Arabian mare

Safari Clydesdale Stallion

Clydesdale Stallion

This is a retired model from 1991 but you can buy it online. He is wearing a draft halter and surcingle which are molded onto him. He would be appropriate for a draft halter class or pulling.


This grey donkey is made from rubber. He is retired, but you can buy him online. The donkey foal in front is a current Schleich model.

Safari donkey

Bullyland horses

Bullyland makes rubber horses that are not as high quality as Safari or Schleich models, but their riders look nice and fit larger Schleichs.

Bullyland Andalusian Stallion

Andalusian Stallion

He is large compared to other 1:24 models and has tack molded onto his body. In the photo, he is being ridden by the Bullyland Tournament Rider Isabelle.

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