Saddleseat is a class designed for gaited horses, like American Saddlebreds or Tennessee Walkers.

There are two types of classes, either three or five-gaited. A horse will rarely compete in both classes. Three-gaited horses are more refined with a slower trot. Five-gaited horses are more muscular and trot faster.

Three-gaited horses are shown at the walk, trot, and canter. Five-gaited horses are shown at the walk, trot, canter, slow-gait and rack.

Can I use my walking Seabiscuit model
or do I have to buy another horse?

Unfortunately, no you can't. Seabiscuit is the wrong type of horse.
Breyer's current model, CH Sprinkles, is more appropriate. She is a Saddlebred with the correct mane and tail style for 5-gaited classes.
If you made some red and white braids to attach to Madison Avenue, then he would also work.         

Saddlebreds, Morgans, Tennessee Walking Horses, National Show Horses and Arabians are suitable for saddleseat.

A 3-gaited horse should have a roached mane and a docked tail. Tennessee walkers and 5-gaited Saddlebreds should have long, high set tails, medium length manes, and a braid in the forelock and mane.

How should my rider be positioned?

Riders sit farther back than hunt seat riders. They sit up very straight with their shoulders back.

Some Saddlebreds and other gaited breeds naturally have a very high head carriage, so riders hold their hands higher than Hunt Seat riders.

The bight of the rein should fall to the off side.

What does the rider wear for Saddleseat?

Formal Equitation- Tuxedo type jacket, with matching collar and lapels, matching jodhpurs, a formal shirt (white or off white), vest, bow tie, gloves and a top hat for women or a homburg for men.

The riding habit must be black, dark grey, dark blue or dark brown. The vest or cummerbund and bow tie must match the shirt or habit.

Informal Equitation- jacket with matching collar and lapels, jodhpurs to match the coat, a collared shirt, vest, tie, gloves, a derby hat or helmet and jodhpur boots.

The habit must be black, grey, burgundy, blue, beige, green or brown. It can be pin striped or have a herringbone pattern.

What tack does the horse need?

A cutback saddle and a double bridle with a curb bit, bridoon (small snaffle) and two reins. The double bridles used often have red browbands. Dressage double brow bands are black with white padding.

Forward seat, Western and side saddles are prohibited.

Pelham bits are only allowed in Saddleseat Pleasure Equitation classes.

Another hint

In Saddleseat Equitation only the rider is being judged so any horse (of any breed) that can perform the class routine may be used.

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