In Reining, the rider preforms a pattern that includes spins, loping circles, flying lead changes, and sliding stops. The horse and rider are judged on the difficulty of the moves and the style of the performance.

What kind of horse do I need?

Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, Arabians. Choose a horse that shows movement and then figure out where in the pattern he could be.

Here are approved AQHA patterns.

Breyer Hollywood Dun It is a good model. He is preforming a sliding stop.

Breyer Harley D Zip is loping and might be presented as preforming a large circle.

Breyer Classic Dun Quarter Horse is loping and might be going into a roll back or sliding stop.

Don't Look Twice, a Breyer Traditional is also loping.

What kind of tack do I need?

A Western saddle or reining saddle, a Western bridle with split or romal reins, a breastcollar. Skid boots on the back legs. 

Sliding plates on the back hooves. Rio sells these, but they are optional, you probably won't be able to see the bottom of your model's hooves.

Tie downs, hackamores, curb chains used on snaffle bits, whips, and bats are not allowed.

What should the rider be doing?

The rider may not use two hands (except in Hackamore, Snaffle Bit, and Junior classes.). She may not hold on to the saddle or spur in front of the cinch. Both feet should be in the stirrups.

What should the horse be doing?
The horse may not jog except to the center of the arena to begin the pattern. It should be loping on the correct lead, spinning, walking, or preforming a sliding stop.

What moves can the pattern include?

Loping Circles (small and large, both directions)
360-degree spins on the hind legs
Sliding Stops (the horse starts at one end of the arena, runs to the other, and stops quickly.)
Rollbacks (the galloping horse stops, lifts its front legs, swings around 180 degrees, and gallops back.)
Figure Eights

Hints for Reining

Even though you can use lots of horse models in this class, you need to write a short description of what the horse is doing in photo showing.

Include which pattern number, which part of the pattern and what the horse is doing.

Example "Cheyenne is doing a running stop in AQHA pattern number 5". This is especially important if the horse isn't obviously doing whatever you are pretending she is doing.

Also have the rider sitting properly. If she's doing a spin to left then her butt should be back in the saddle and her right leg should be touching the horse and her left leg shouldn't. The reins should be slightly touching the right side of the horse's neck.

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