Polo is a game played on horseback by teams of four. The players try to hit a small ball into the other team's goal. When one team scores a goal, the teams change ends. There are two mounted umpires.

What tack do I need for my model?

A standing martingale, leg wraps, an All-purpose saddle, a breastplate, a square saddle pad and an English bridle.

The breast plate attaches to a martingale which is supported with a neck strap.

The stirrup irons are heavy so the leathers need to be wider and thicker.

The pony’s legs are wrapped, from below the knee to the fetlock, with polo wraps for to prevent injury. In most cases, they match the team colors.

What model do I need?

A galloping or cantering horse. Polo ponies are about 15 hh.

Breyer sells Santiago currently. You can add their tack described as "brown saddle, bridle, martingale and breastplate, and color-coordinated polo wraps, saddle pad and over-girth".  Nico, the rider is also available. Nico is player number 1. The whole package is over 100 dollars from Breyer.

If you are into customizing, make sure your pony has a tail that is braided short, so it doesn't get caught in the mallet. These ponies also have hogged manes.

Many ponies are thoroughbreds or thoroughbred crosses. They play for a maximum of two non-consecutive chukkers per match. A chukker is 7 and a half minutes.

What does the player wear?

A polo shirt with a number from 1 to 4 on it, white jeans, tall boots, knee guards, and a colored helmet.

The players number indicates which position he plays.

  1. is the main scorer.
  2.  a scorer but more often a defensive player
  3.  good at scoring, defense and strategy. Usually the captain and best player on the team.
  4.  Mainly a defensive player

What should the player be doing?

The player holds the mallet in his right hand. You can place your rider in many positions, mostly leaning over to hit the ball. The rider does not have to be looking straight ahead, he could be looking down at the ball.

The mallet is made of wood and the length depends on the height of the horse. In real life, mallets are from 48 to 54 inches long.

The head of the mallet is called the "cigar".  The cigar strikes the ball on the long side, not on the rounded ends.

The mallet has a rubber grip and thumb sling.

Players are allowed to hook the other team member's mallet as long as they don't reach around a pony to do it.

What else do i need to Know About Polo?

If you don't have enough ponies for a scene, you could show other things that happen during a match.

Spectators tailgate or picnic before a match. There is often a tea served.

Divot Stomping is always popular, the crowd is encouraged to help replace the divots made by the horses' hooves.

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