Cowboy Mounted Shooting

In Cowboy Mounted Shooting, the rider guides the horse through a pattern while shooting at 10 balloons. Either two revolvers will be used or a revolver and a rifle. Scores are the time the rider takes to complete the "stage" and penalties for not following the pattern, missing balloons, tipping barrels and others.

Stage is another name for pattern.

What kind of horse do I need?

Breyer Black Beauty

 Any breed of horse or mule is allowed.  Breyer Secretariat, Black Beauty, and any fast-moving model will work.

Secretariat could do the rundown, where the rider drops the reins and the horse gallops to the finish line.

What does the rider wear?

It depends on the event. Riders can wear outfits representing pre-1900's clothing, Cowboy movies, or Military uniforms.

Examples of pre 1900's riding clothes for men - button, lace or snap up long sleeved shirts with fringe, appliqués, piping, embroidery and contrasting yokes.

Pre 1900's women may wear short sleeved Western shirts, camisoles, peasant blouses, or Victorian style shirts. This is the only class where are full skirts allowed.

Women may wear Spanish dresses, Native American dresses, saloon girl dresses, full length dresses, or Victorian dresses. Dresses may be short sleeved or sleeveless.

Headwear- Felt cowboy hats, felt cavalry hats, sombreros, Victorian hats, veils, Native American feathered headbands and hair ribbons.

Footwear- Lace up or pull on. Leather only. Cowboy boots, moccasins, military style boots, Victorian style shoes.

Because the rider is representing a Western character many accessories are allowed including - gloves, gauntlets, knives in sheaths, scarves, vests, frock coats, dusters, chaps, chinks, cuffs, belts, period watches or jewelry, hat bands, sleeve garters, boas, leggings, suspenders, sashes, period hair ornaments, capes, stockings, bustles, corsets, and hoops.

The minimum outfit for both women and men is a long sleeved shirt, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and 5 pocket jeans covered with chaps. A split skirt is considered pants and must be worn with a long sleeved shirt.

Our Cowboy Mounted Shooting  Pinterest board has examples of costumes.

What tack do I need?

Period Western saddles (slickforks, Mother Hubbard, McClellan), or a regular working Western saddle, leather bridles, reins, tiedowns, and breastcollars.

Modern cinches, nylon latigos and billets, skid and bell boots are allowed if they are a neutral earth tone.

Any bit or hackamore is allowed as long as it is not overly severe.

Holster must be belted to the pommel or cantle or worn as a shoulder holster.

 The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Stage

How do I set up the stage?

Targets are balloons in two different colors, usually white for the first 5 and red for the second 5.
The rider may hit the first 5 balloons in any order. The last five balloons are in a line called the "rundown" and are shot in order.

The rundown in a Cowboy Mounted shooting event.

For Calvary class - gray and blue balloons may be used. Calvary class allows any military uniform form the Civil War to the Spanish American War.
Clothing should be as authentic as possible.  Women are allowed to portray camp followers, officers' wives and women disguised as men.

Tack must be reproductions of military issue equipment.

Here are examples of stages.

A description - talks a bit about the pistols, the outfits and patterns.

GoPro helmet cam - Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

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