Hunt Seat Equitation

In Hunt Seat Equitation, the rider is judged instead of the horse. Only 20% of the score is the horse so a rider doll is required.
Horses can be asked to walk, trot, canter, and hand gallop in both directions, stand in a lineup, and back up.

The rider follows a pattern. Example:

1. Walk from cone 1 to cone 2.
2. Trot from cone 2 to cone 3.
3. Canter a figure eight starting to the right.
4. Walk to cone 4.
5. 360 degree turn on haunches.
6. Back up to cone 2.
7. Canter on left lead to cone 3.
8. Stop and back up 5 steps.

All patterns must include a trot and a canter.

What model horse do I need?

The horse should be walking, trotting, or cantering .

The horse should look happy and alert (no drooping ears, closed eyes, rearing horses).

The poll should be level with or slightly above the withers, and the head should be carried on the vertical.

The horse's confirmation should include a sloping shoulder and well-developed hindquarters. The angle of the pasterns should match the shoulder angle.

What should the rider be doing?

The rider should be sitting straight, shoulders back, with her head up, looking straight ahead. Her heels should be down, with her lower legs touching the horse.

She should not touch the saddle, use a crop or spur in front of the girth, or touch the horse.

During a sitting trot, her body should be slightly in front of the vertical. Move her forwards a bit more for a canter.

The rider should be in the two-point position during a hand gallop.
When the rider is in the two-point position, her pelvis should be forwards so she is above the saddle, with her hands in front of the withers (but not touching the horse).
The rider's legs are the two points of contact.
You should be able to draw a straight line through the rider's head, shoulder, hip, and heel.

The rider's forearm should make a straight line to the bit.

Hunt Seat Equitation tack

A black or brown English saddle, an English bridle with a snaffle bit and a cavesson noseband.

What does the rider wear?

A black, navy, hunter green, brown or grey hunt coat. Breeches in buff, khaki, light grey, canary or rust ( out of fashion currently).

Also, tall black or brown boots, gloves, unrowelled (blunt) spurs, a tie or choker and a black, navy or brown helmet. Ladies should wear their hair in a braid or a hairnet.

Crops and bats are optional.

If you don't have arena fencing, see if your show has a Hunter Under Saddle Natural class. This class is model class for people who don't have an arena fence.

If you don't have a rider, try  Huntseat Bareback Pleasure.

Hunter classes require braided manes.

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