FoX Hunting

In Fox Hunting, hounds follow the scent of a fox while riders follow on horseback, jumping obstacles. The main idea is to ride around the countryside and have fun on your horse.

What kind of obstacles?
Things you might come across riding around in the country, like ditches, fences, creeks, banks and fallen logs.

Do I need twenty model foxhounds and a toy fox?

No. The riders follow the hounds. In your photo or diorama, the hounds and fox can be "farther ahead" or "out of the picture".

If your foxhunting club members live in the American southwest, they might be hunting coyote. If they're hunting in the south, they could be after a bobcat.

Some clubs use a scent trail rather than follow an animal.

Dogs used in foxhunting include English and American Foxhounds, Beagles, Lurchers and Greyhounds. Breyer's Traditional size dogs will work.

What should my riders wear?

The foxhunting club's staff wear scarlet coats with brass buttons (besides the buttons on the front, the coat has two on each sleeve and two on the back) and a purple collar with gold trim.

They also wear a top hat, white breeches, black leather boots with tan tops, a white or sky blue stock with a gold stock pin, and gloves. Blunt spurs and a canary or white vest are optional.

Ladies on the staff wear black coats with black buttons ( two on each sleeve and two large buttons in back) and a purple and gold collar.
Breeches may be buff-colored or canary. Appropriate hats are black bowlers with hairnets or top hats (with a shadbelly). Boots should be black with black patent leather tops. Stocks, spurs, vests and gloves for ladies are the same as for gentlemen.

Only the staff carry hunting crops.

Gentlemen who are not on the staff wear black or navy blue coats with black collars, buff or canary breeches, black boots without tops, black bowlers, and canary or white vests with brass buttons (optional).

Ladies who aren't on the staff wear the same clothes as gentlemen, other than their hairnets.

Informal hunting clothes includes- a blue, brown, or black hunting cap, a green or tweed riding jacket, a riding shirt with a tie, canary or buff colored breeches and brown or black boots.

Kids can wear informal clothes with a tricorn hat.

If you don't want to fuss with your riders' clothing, put just about any kind of riding clothes on them and say they're going "cubbing". Cubbing is like foxhunting but the hounds are tracking a fox cub which is allowed to escape. Another name for cubbing is "Autumn Hunting". This is also a time to get the dogs and horses into shape.

What model do I need?

Any model will work. There is no breed restriction for foxhunting. A standing horse can be resting before or after a hunt while its rider talks to her friends. A cantering, walking or trotting horse can be following the hounds. Jumping models can be clearing fences or other obstacles.

In traditional English foxhunting, Thoroughbreds are common.

In this video you can see the what riders wear and their horses as they wait for the dogs. You will not see the fox or the person laying the scent (depending on which was done).

What Else do I need to know about Fox Hunting?

The hunt has rules of etiquette about where individuals ride.

The first rider is the Field Master. He chooses the path to ride and which fences or logs to jump. A rider may never pass the Field Master.

The participants directly behind the Field Master are the "First Flight".  They follow more in a line than a bunch because jumps must be taken one at a time with a pause of a few seconds to make sure the horse ahead has cleared the area.

If a horse refuses a jump, the rider should move out of the way and allow the first flight to pass.

Other riders stay in the back of the field. They are allowed to go around jumps or open and close gates.

Ideally the riders are spaced so no one gets lost or interferes with the dogs.

11 minute video of four Fox Hunts in Ireland. Some is taken with a helmet cam.

You won't see a fox. You will notice the advantages of a tall horse that can jump walls and wade streams. The disadvantage of a tall horse is apparent when the helmet cam gets smacked by tree branches.

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