Extreme Cowboy Race

If you don't have a Western Pleasure saddle with silver plates, or a rider doll in a slinky top, or a set of perfectly painted ground poles that match your model's saddle blanket...try an Extreme Cowboy Race set up!

Almost anything you could do with your horse on a ranch can be an obstacle, including a lot of stuff that isn't allowed in a Western Trail class. You don't need a pleasure horse either, any breed can do the Extreme Cowboy Race.

Obstacles you're not allowed to have in a
trail class but can be part of an
extreme cowboy Race

Ponying a second horse

Natalie is riding Cheyenne and ponying Crossfire Hurricane in the Extreme Cowboy Race

Flares with smoke

Archery shoot from horseback

Balloon shoot with a pistol or rifle

Trailer loading (usually the last obstacle)

Ponying a second horse

Natalie and Winchester the mule are sorting cattle in the Extreme Cowboy Race

Cattle Sorting (no animals of any kind in Trail Class)

Teeter Totter Bridge (definitely against Trail Class rules)

Tunnel (often made of plastic tarps)

Standing up in the saddle to hit a tennis ball hanging from a tree

Ground tying (the horse stands still after the rider drops the split reins on the ground)- with or without an outhouse

Lead your horse (or mule!) while he's blindfolded

Natalie is leading blindfolded Chet the mule in the Extreme Cowboy Race

Obstacles you're allowed to do in other classes

Keep in mind with these, that some photo shows will not let you cross-enter photos from Trail class or Reining in Extreme Cowboy Race, you'll have to take two slightly different photos.


Big fast circles and small slow circles (just like in reining)


Waterbox (like in Trail class)

Roping livestock

Spin (might be inside a box)

Key hole

Other fun stuff in an Extreme Cowboy Race

Natalie is riding Beretta bareback in the Extreme Cowboy Race

Riding bareback

Pulling a log

Picking up your horse's hooves

Unsaddling the horse

Pool Noodle Gate

Lassoing a Roping Dummy

Riding Double

Going along a dirt trench

Pulling a helper on a sled

Dropping a ball on a moving target

Jumping barrels

Stepping over logs

Rolling bridge

Carrying a flag

Rolling a large ball

Walking on a tarp


Spear the target on a hay bale

Push a four armed carousel

pole weaving while holding a pitcher of water

Knocking cups off a hay bale with a spear

Backing out of a pen or gate

Riding between to very close barrels without knocking over the glasses of water on the barrels

Take a tennis ball off the top of one cone and move it to another cone

Natalie is riding her colt, Crossfire Hurricane, in the Extreme Cowboy Race

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