Costume and Specialty tack

Photo and live shows have many classes for costumes and specialty tack.

Usually there are quite a few in the Arabian Costume class and not many in the Paso and other culture classes.

Specialty tack is often featured in dioramas. Subjects include Historical, Fox Hunting, Holidays, parades and others.

Pony Vaulting Equipment

Apple is wearing a pony-sized vaulting surcingle. The surcingle has two grips and two cossack loops. The side reins are adjustable to change the horses' headset. The rein attaches to hidden D-rings on the front of the surcingle.

She is wearing a snaffle bridle, attached to the side rein and lunge line.

She also has leg wraps to protect her cannons and a fabric pad on her back to provide footing for performers.

Apple is a Breyer Cantering Welsh Pony.

My vaulting pinterest board

Breyer Party Shoes vaulting
Breyer Party Shoes cantering pony

Wedding horse costume form india

Weddings are big events, lasting many days.

The groom rides a gray horse with red decorations. He rides to his bride's home with his family parading behind.

The horse wears an English saddle, a blanket, a neckpiece, blinders and a saddle cover.

The horse is a play-scale Battat.

Battat horse with India Wedding tackRed Indian Wedding horse for the groom

Here is my pinterest board with reference photos for this project.

Soma Nomaoy Festival outfit

Battat with Soma Nomaoy Festival tackRed Soma Nomaoy Festival saddle and bridle

This Japanese festival is over a thousand years old. Many of the riders are descended from the original warriors and the tack can be generations old.

This horse wears armor, a breast piece, bridle with blinders and a neck piece, a pad saddle and historic stirrups.

The horse is a play-scale Battat.

More photos of Soma Nomaoy horses and riders

Arabian tack

Arabian costumes are very popular in photo classes. And in live shows.

These costumes allow a greater variety of colors and styles than English tack. You can choose colors to suit your horses coat color or to replicate full sized Arab tack.

If you are entering this class - you'll be up against stiff competition, so make sure you understand the rules (and not show incorrect details), make sure your photos are sharp and well lit, and that the costume is as good as you can possibly make it.

Battat horse with Arabian CostumeBlue Arabian saddle and tack for a play scale horse

Arab trim include sharkteeth, cowrie shells, tassels,  and in this saddle beaded medallions and mirrors.

This is a 1:3 scale Batatt horse. I made the costume when I was nine years old.

Pinterest photos of model horses in Arabian tack and reference photos to use in making your own tack.

Arabian presentation set for Breyer Classic model horseRed Arabian Presentation set on a Breyer Classic Stallion

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