Current Classic Breyers

Classic Breyer are the majority of the horses in toy stores, farm stores, Amazon and eBay.

Classics are 1:12 scale. In their world, 1 inch equals 1 foot. Unfortunately, unaltered Breyer dolls are too big for these horses. The 6 inch child doll sold with many sets would be 6 feet tall in real life.

Breyer Horses of the Year are Classic size and many of Breyers'  Western and English Riding sets include a Classic horse.

Breyer does not make much tack for them and most of that is plastic.

However, most Classic Breyer horses cost less than Traditional Breyer horses.

Current Western Classic Breyers

Cutting horse - this set features a bay Traditional horse in a cutting position and a "calf".  The horse is a bit small for a Traditional, but if it was standing it would be taller than the black Thoroughbred (a scale 18 hands!). The "calf" is really a cow, as you aren't allowed to cut calves in competitions.

Liam, 2015 Horse of the Year- Liam is a walking Quarter Horse. His roan coat looks metallic like Amelia's (2014 Horse of the Year). Liam could do ranch sorting or day to day ranch work.

Dun Quarter Horse- this light dun Quarter Horse is cantering. Suitable for reining, Western Pleasure, Western Equitation, and Reined Cowhorse Events. See my review on her here.

Buckskin Paint- this cantering stallion looks perfect for reining, but between his wavy mane and short back, you can't get a saddle on him. He has a very nice paint job though. Try him in a Native American Costume class. Watch my review about him here.

Breyer Classic Paint Stallion

Quarter Horse- this standing bay roan horse could be blocking the foul line in ranch sorting or working the rope in calf roping.

Chestnut Appaloosa- another Breyer Arabian-Appaloosa. This model is painted on a Johar mold (an Arab mare) who does not look like a stock horse at all.  She can be in a Western Pleasure lineup.

Barrel Racing Set- includes: a chestnut Appaloosa (actually in a barrel racing position!), three pink barrels, six pieces of plastic fencing, a saddle blanket, and plastic Western tack.

Western Horse and Rider set- includes: a red roan "Quarter Horse"    (really a Thoroughbred) mare, a huge rider doll, a saddle blanket, and a plastic Western saddle and bridle.

Current English Classic Breyers

Breyer Best Friends Morgan Mare

Best Friends Morgan- a fleabitten grey Morgan mare comes with this set. She is trotting and suitable for driving, English Pleasure, and English Equitation.

Black Beauty- he is performing a piaffe, so dressage is about the only thing he can do. There have been several "Black Beauty" models, so be careful which you are buying.

Chestnut Halflinger- she is perfect for gymkhana, driving, or a child's riding class. She does have a long forelock, so her bridle may need to be custom fitted. This model is hard to find in stores, so you may have to order her online. And yes, she really is that color.

Breyer Traditional Halflinger

Appaloosa- why can't Breyer make an Appie that looks like a stock horse? This cantering model looks like a sporthorse. The paint job isn't realistic either. Use this model in English classes, although its head isn't on the vertical. This incorrect headset could cost you a good placing in shows.

Grey Selle Francais- even though this model is walking calmly, she is not suitable for English pleasure or equitation because her nose is far in front of the vertical and she is not collected.

Appendix Quarter Horse- this  trotting palomino's headset is too high for basically all events.

Sporthorse Family- this set contains a walking light dun mare like the Appendix Quarter Horse above and a bay stallion performing the piaffe. Also comes with a bay foal.

Breyer Warmblood Mare

Warmblood Mare- this blood bay mare comes with a prancing chestnut foal. The mare has a pretty paint job. Use her in a English lineup. Watch my review on her.

Grullo Morgan- he is suitable for saddleseat, but not English Pleasure because he isn't collected.

Black Thoroughbred- this Breyer will look good in a class lineup waiting for his ribbons. He is amazingly tall! Look for a review on him soon.

Showjumping Horse- Breyer currently sells two showjumping sets. One includes a palomino performing the piaffe (like Black Beauty, so he isn't really going to be jumping), two jumps, a saddle blanket, and plastic English tack.

The other contains a walking chestnut horse, plastic English tack, a tack trunk, and a jump.

Arabian- another bay Arabian, good for halter classes but pretty plain looking. Other paint jobs on this mold include palomino, red roan, chestnut pinto, grey, red roan sabino, and chocolate bay.

English Horse and Rider set- this set includes another sporthorse painted as an Appaloosa, though this one is palomino, a rider who is way too tall, a fabric saddle blanket, and a plastic English bridle and saddle.

Other Current Classics

Shire Stallion -  a black Shire stallion and a Welsh Corgi. The stallion is good for halter classes and driving.

"A Champion is Born" set- this Arabian family set includes a Johar mold painted blue roan,  a cantering bay roan foal and a red roan stallion. Also comes with a horse ball, 4 pieces of fencing, a bucket, a trough and carrots.

Pony Care Set- includes a bay Appaloosa pony, a doll, a pony blanket, a feed bag, a bottle of fly spray, a bucket and a grooming caddy.

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