Christmas tack for a model horse

Breyer Liam wearing custom made Christmas tack.

Christmas tack is the perfect excuse dive into your stash of velvet, colored leather, small button and bells.

Go classy, sparkly, or over-the-top glitzy.

Add some cool miniature toys and fimo treats and your horse can out shine your Christmas tree.

Cause what’s better than a model horse in a costume?

The photo is Liam, and he was custom made for a raffle to support 4H scholarships and clinics.

And he sold LOTS of tickets... “Let me show you the features!” (If you watch the SlingShot Channel, then you know what I mean).

  • Liam’s bridle is red leather with faux-fur trim. A clip attaches a red and green braided lead.
  • His boots are velvet with faux-fur trim
  • He is wearing a sawbuck pack saddle with wooden bars and crossbucks. This type of saddle has breeching (a strap around his hindquarters) to keep it from sliding forward, and a breastplate (a strap around his chest) to keep it from sliding backward. The breastplate has a chain of jingle bells hanging from the middle to add to the festive Christmas mood.
  • The front and rear girths are woven in a red, white, and green chevron pattern.


The owner and the Dogs

Darla, the owner, came from a garage sale. Originally she was wearing blue overalls and a blue t-shirt that was molded on to her body. I made her a pink and white checked Western short, faded denim jeans, white cowgirl boots and a sage green fleece scarf. Of course, she's wearing a cowboy hat.

Crockett is a fox hound made by Breyer. Usually his collar has a silver horse head tag, but he's wearing a jingle bell for Christmas.

My sister's dog Benji is from Breyer's Spirit of the West set. He also has a jingle collar.

And what about the presents?

There are forty goodies in Liam's bags. The bags are shiny red and gold stripes and plaid exteriors with gold lining. Inside are wrapped gifts with tiny ribbon bows. Also fimo candy canes and miniature boxes for a train set and a robot.

The rest of the story

I had two weeks to make Liam, between when Toyland opened and I started selling raffle tickets . (Tickets were a buck. Yes, someone won Liam for a buck! - And no you can't buy a ticket because Liam is in his forever home, now)

By the way - a huge thanks to everyone who bought a ticket! Some people fell in love with him and some people have fond memories of when they, their kids and even their grandkids were in 4H and donated a dollar. It's a great program, going to the fair is one of the highlights of the year, and we get lots of horse time.

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