Breyer Stablemates
Everybody needs a dozen

Few owners make tack for Breyer Stablemates, but everyone seems to have a bunch on their shelves. Stablemates are a good way to start a breed or color collection without spending too much money.

They cost about 5 bucks each or you can get a pair of parents and a surprise foal from Breyer for under 10 dollars.

Often a gift to younger children, these horses are easy to break because of their thin legs. (Not that I'd know that, personally).

Because they're so small, you can make lots of props for them, like my easy jump:

Useful Breyer Stablemates

Pinto horse and foal - pinto paint job on a Morgan mold. Pinto is not a recognized coat color for a Morgan, so call him a Morgan cross if you show him. Good for Saddleseat.

Breyer Stablemate Pinto stallion and foal set
Breyer Stablemate strawberry roan Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse -Look out for a review on her soon! Nice paint job and a nice mold, too! Suitable for Western Pleasure line up (her neck is a bit too extended) or for ranch work.  Also came in grulla, palomino Appaloosa, chestnut tobiano, sooty palomino and black tobiano. She is also taller than any of my other Stablemates.

Tennessee Walking Horse - performing the running walk. Suitable for Saddleseat. Has a chestnut coat, but was also released in gray.

Breyer Stablemate cantering pinto

Appaloosa Sport Horse - galloping, you can use her in timed Western events, racing, jumping, and Cross Country. Other coat colors have been available including black, chestnut Paint, bay Appaloosa, bay and pinto (left). I don't like the paint job.

Mustang - pose is bucking or playing so he can be used for bronc riding. He is bay roan with good shading in his coat. He's also very tall for a Stablemate, like the standing Quarter Horse.

Bay roan Mustang Breyer Stablemate
American Saddlebred Breyer Stablemate in seal brown

American Saddlebred - Chestnut Pinto standing in a parked out position. Good for Saddleseat or fine harness classes. Other coat colors have been available in the past including seal brown (shown at right), tobiano, liver chestnut, chestnut, grey,  palomino, black and bay.

Highland Pony - standing and looking forward. Could be used for Driving and Gymkhana. He is actually about the size of a Stablemate foal.

Arabian - trotting. Suitable for Costume class, Arabian Western Pleasure, and halter. Earlier this horse was sold with a chestnut coat, now it is gray. It's actually a stallion, even though it looks like a mare.

Quarter Horse & foal - the horse is nice, and useful for ranch work. The foal is cute too. The mare's coat is somewhat metallic.

Breyer Stablemate Palomino Quarter Horse mare and foal set

Silver Warmblood Breyer Stablemate mare

Warmblood - cantering. Good for English Pleasure and perhaps Dressage. She is dun, but  has also been silver (right), bay overo, strawberry roan, bay, black tobiano, chestnut, red roan, silver bay, and Appaloosa. The only bad thing about her is that she is too fat to wear the plastic Breyer Stablemate saddles.

Appaloosa mare and foal- the mare is a grulla on the Warmblood mold above. The foal is bay.

Breyer's Stablemate Mystery Foal Surprise Family 9

Mystery Foal Surprise Family 9 - cantering Bay Quarter Horse and a Grullo Quarter Horse performing an sliding stop. Both could do reining.

Mystery Foal Surprise Family 8 - Hanoverian doing a Spanish Walk and trotting chestnut pinto. The pinto could do ranchwork and the Hanoverian could do Dressage.

Breyer's Stablemate Mystery Foal Surprise Family 8

Mystery Foal Surprise Family 7 - Standing palomino Appaloosa and a chestnut Icelandic Horse performing the tolt. The Appie could work the rope during calf roping or  be in a trail class. The Icelandic would be limited to a breed show.

Mystery Foal Surprise Family 6 - cantering red roan Warmblood and a striking Pinto. Warmblood is good for English Pleasure.

Mystery Foal Surprise Family 5 - Draft horse with dots and a Warmblood with dots. Make an Appaloosa mold for gosh sakes! Heavens knows what the foal looks like - but it probably has dots too! I'm done talking about this set. (rant off)

Mystery Foal Surprise Family 4 - same Tennessee Walking horse as reviewed above and a bay Arabian, also reviewed above.

Gentle Giants - cantering red roan Clydesdale (good for a pasture scene not as Draft horse), trotting grey Percheron (halter class), sorrel Belgian (pulling a wagon) and a Black Friesian (which is not draft horse).

Breyer Stablemates Gentle Giants set

Super Sporty - chestnut Arabian (can't wear tack), Appaloosa "Sport Horse" (really a Quarter Horse painted with spots which would make her a plain Appaloosa). Also a Bay Hanoverian doing the Spanish Walk (Dressage) and a standing gray Thoroughbred.

Show Stoppers - set comes with three foals so, really, who cares what the parents are.

Breyer G3 turning Appaloosa Stablemate in palomino

Cutting Horse - a gelding designed for barrel racing so he is turning sharply. He looks strange chasing a cow that is running forward. Also included with set is a plastic saddle, bridle,and cowboy. Play quality set, not good for showing. On the G2 Turning Appaloosa mold. This horse has been released in almost every color. Palomino is shown at the left.

Barrel Racing - this horse comes with barrels but he looks like he is chasing another Mustang so he can bite him. His head and body positions don't match a barrel racer. In fact, you could swap this horse for the cutting horse and get two correct Western events. Worst possible horse to enter into a Western Pleasure event (other than the rearing Arabian).

Show Jumping - cantering, good for jumping or Equitation. Plastic saddle that is fine for how small it is. Rider will actually sit on the horse if the stirrups are positioned correctly (depends on how the factory made it).

Breyer Stablemate pinto cob

Cob - good for driving. Also came as a Pinto (left) and he looks really good. He is now only sold as part of the 8-piece set from Breyer.

Knabstrupper -trotting white horse with black spots. The spots are out of scale. Suitable for driving and English Pleasure, Dressage and English Equitation (this horse is actually carrying its head correctly).

Sport Horse Jumper - this mold has nice conformation. His head is too small for any of Breyer's bridles. One of my favorite Stablemate molds. He is only available as part of an eight piece set now.

Horse Lover's collection

a shadow box of ten Breyer Stablemates

Breyer Stablemates Horse Lover's Collection
Breyer Stablemate bay Quarter Horse from the Horse Lover's Collection

 with a standing bay Quarter Horse with two socks and a blaze,

a chestnut stock horse with a flaxen mane and tail, a blaze and four socks, a Paso Fino (maybe steel gray or blue roan),

Chestnut stock horse from the Breyer Stablemates Horse Lover's Collection
The buckskin Appaloosa from the Breyer Stablemates Horse Lover's Collection

a piebald Gypsy Vanner, a buckskin blanket Appaloosa,

a fleabitten grey Saddlebred mare with her bay pinto foal, a blood bay carriage horse,

A dapple grey Stablemate Saddlebred mare and her bay pinto foal from Breyer's Horse Lover's Collection
The Breyer Stablemate bay roan Standardbred from the Horse Lover's Collection

a bay roan Standardbred Pacer,

and a cantering chestnut Warmblood.

Breyer's chestnut Warmblood Stablemate from the Horse Lover's Collection

Stablemates you can't use for Showing

Any Horse Crazy Stablemate.

Arabian - with a flying mane and a short back, you'll have trouble getting tack on her.

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