Need Tack for your model horses ?

Do you have a large herd of Breyer Classic, Traditional, Stablemates and Mini Whinnies horses, but not enough tack and accessories? Or maybe your Schleich and Battat horses have no tack at all?

What if you could make your own bridles, saddle blankets, goodies for the barn - scale models of everything  your horse needs?

New! How to make a police or endurance horse saddle bag.

NEW!  how to make a padded halter video, and matching lead.

New! Watch my 2 Minute Breyer Reviews on YouTube before you buy a new horse!

A bronc halter on Breyer Lady Phase

Maybe you have enough horses and tack, but you want to start entering your horses in photo shows online.

Or you’d like to share your photos with us.

This is the site for you.

We're a brand new site, adding pages here and collecting photos on pinterest.

Why Make Your Own Tack and Accessories?

  • Make tack in any color to suit your horse's personality
  • Save money 
  • Make tack for any sport or event you want
  • Matching sets - one for the mare and one for the foal
  • Make tack in almost any size
  • Choose play quality tack or
  • Show quality tack - better quality than you can buy from some model horse companies and cheaper than you can buy from tack makers

You don't just need to make tack from scratch, check out the .....

Chop Shop

Do you have a broken plastic saddle that looked really good on your favorite Breyer horse?  Or maybe you have a Schleich in a nice pose, but you don't like the color. Or you only have one Breyer rider, but her arm broke off.

You don't have to throw out the saddle or give up on the idea of showing your Schleich just because he's the wrong color to be an Arabian. 

You can fix your horse/ tack/ doll instead and customize it!

Learn how to make a play quality leather  Aussie saddle out of a cheap rubber saddle. And make a Western Saddle with three variations.

In the future, I'll be fixing:

● A gangly old Breyer doll

● A 1:3 scale Battat horse that needs a repaint due to a serious glitter problem

● And I'm going to repaint my black Lipizzaner Schleich foal- because there's already four in the house and they all look the same.

● I'll also tell you ways to get cheap, high quality parts for your show-quality tack- like realistic metal stirrups for a few cents.

and this site is not just about tack

How to set up a photo showing diorama

Easy show rules so you don't get disqualified

Take better photos

How to enter IMEHA shows

Show jumping diorama with a Breyer Stablemate

How to set up classes for Reining, Western Pleasure, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Ranch Sorting/Team Penning, Cutting, Trail Class, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Pole Weaving, Goat Tying, Bulldogging/Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Calf Roping and Bronc Riding.

How to set up classes for Hunt Seat Equitation, Dressage, Polo, Showjumping, Cross country, Hunt Seat Trail, Saddleseat, Fox Hunting,
Gymkhana, Handy Hunter, Field Hunter Trials,  Hunter Under Saddle,
Hunter Pace,  Hunter Hack, Hunter Over Fences, Endurance and
Show Hack.

Suggestions for Costume Classes and Specialty Tack - Such as a Pony Vaulting, a Wedding Horse and a Soma Nomaoy set.

But wait, there’s more to come!

Breyer Lady Phase with a fitted blanket

Making a saddle bag

Restringing a Breyer doll

My Police Horse Tack

We're busy writing pages, taking photos and finding video.  As soon as the Western Events are done, it's on to the English Events.

Each event will have a video showing real horses, suggestions for model horses that are suitable, a discussion of the tack and a link to its own pinterest pages where you can find reference photos.

Videos and PDF files are in production for DIY projects - the first is an exclusive "How to Make a Padded Halter".

Do you like Helmet cams and Go-Pro Videos?

We have:

Polo, Team Roping, Cross Country and Dressage

Model Horses and Western Events
What you need to know about Western Events to make tack for your model horses
Model Horses and English Events
English Events for your model horses
Costume and Specialty Tack
Costume and specialty tack for Breyer, Schleich and Battat horses
Traditional Breyer horses - What you need to know
Reviews, Facts and Photos about current Traditional Breyer horses.
Current Classic Breyers
A list of current Classic Breyers and the events each are suitable for.
Facts about Breyer Stablemates
Reveiws and photos of current Breyer Stablemates.
Schleich Horses, Safari Horses and others
A list of Schleich Horses, Safari, and other 1:24 scale model horses suitable for performance shows.
model horse riders and Jane Schneider
Interview with Jane Schneider about model horse riders
Videos on Making Tack and Entering Photo Shows
Videos on Making Tack and Entering Photo Shows
Printable Accessories for your Horses
Quick printable projects to make your dioramas and model barns come alive
List of supplies for making tack
A list of supplies you need for making tack for model horses
Horse terms - Model Sizes, Tack, Colors, Events, Abbreviations
Confused about model horse terms and abbreviations in sale ads and show rules? Want to know the names of parts of tack and techniques? Visit this page. Words starting with A to G.
Pack saddle - Christmas tack
Christmas tack for a model horse. Liam wearing a pack saddle filled with toys and treats

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